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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My 3 Favorite Blazers at the Moment!

I feel like every staple every woman needs in her closet is a nice blazer. 
It's so rare to find a really nice blazer that you'll love and be in love with or you can wear with various outfits. The classic black blazer is obviously the most essential piece in everyones wardrobe, male or female doesn't matter. Some females can wear some male's blazers and vice versa and you wouldn't even know the difference, Sharing is caring right? Any who we're living in 2010 almost 2011 now and the blazers they're coming up with are definitely more updated, modern and chic pieces. You can stick with a classic black blazer but it might have silk lapels. There are some blazers that are embellished with sequins and rhinestones now. The possibilities are endless and I thought I'd share some of my favorite blazers from my own closet with you!


I purchased this blazer at H&M for I think about $29.95 last fall and I'm obsessed with it!
 Why am I obsessed? Well I love the length of it technically it's like a boyfriend jacket but more loose and longer. It's perfect for wearing over a minidress or just wearing it with a top and leggings. It really is versatile you can wear it so many different ways but the only thing I suggest with a blazer like this is get your proportions right. DO NOT! I REPEAT DO NOT wear this blazer with long wide leg pants you will look like you're wearing a jacket that's 10 sizes too big for you and it will be very unflattering. What you could do is be even more daring you could possibly wear this jacket as a dress itself and just belt it in the middle and add a few accessories sleek your hair back and it would be an awesome night on the town look!.
Unfortunately this blazer is no longer available but! possibly search ebay and you can probably get it for a good deal!

Blazer #2

I also purchased this one at H&M for a mere $14.95 when I saw this print I absolutely fell in love with it! The graphics to me are stunning and the fact that it's black and white really caught my eye. The idea that it's black and white makes it completely versatile with many different types of pieces whether it would be just plain black or white or even a blast of color. What's on trend right now is mixing patterns and this piece is definitely good for just that! I really like that it drapes right by the waist too it can create the illusion of a slimmer waist and the pattern gives a somewhat slimming silhouette. There's shoulder pads that aren't too dramatic in it as well. To me this jacket looks very expensive similar style to the jacket Rihanna wore in her "What's My Name" music video. This jacket also is a day and night type of jacket could be worn either way! I purchased this in the spring so technically it's no longer available. SORRY GUYS :P

Blazer #3
I actually saw Brandy photographed in this blazer it's from Rachel by Rachel Roy. I was drawn to this blazer I don't think even because of the blazer! it's the lining that drew me in. The combination of colors and the tie dye effect it has got me at HELLO! I also loved the fabric choice the sheen of the jacket the embellishments on the lapels and the padded shoulders. Yes I might look like a linebacker when I wear it but I'll feel like a sexy linebacker! Style wise this is more of an evening blazer it's hard to dress it down because it has so many characteristics of being an evening jacket but nothings wrong with looking nice during the day. This jacket is also very roomy so you can give yourself space to breathe. The lapels on this jacket are long and slightly round not angular so it's hard to find a top to really completely go well with it but make sure you play with the right proportions again! With this blazer if you're gonna wear something short on the bottom stay covered on top and if you're gonna show more on top cover up on the bottom. Don't go for the " I don't look like I'm wearing any pants look" with this jacket because it will take the taste of this jacket down a few notches. 
Again this Blazer is no longer available because I purchased it last fall as well but make sure you keep your eye on Ebay it might just show up!

You can probably check out these 5 sites for amazing blazers for a good price range:






* Unfortunately you cannot shop online at H&M or view their selections but I definitely recommend it as well!

Hopefully this gave you an idea of what type of blazers you should purchase and how to wear them.Or at least open your mind to new options. :)

Thanks for reading!