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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Belated Black Friday Special! KOHLS.

I hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving weekend! Unfortunately I had to work on Thanksgiving day but I'm sure some of you had to as well. But the best part of Thanksgiving is not on Thanksgiving day but it's the day after.. well actually technically 3-5 hours after Thanksgiving day. Those of you that don't know what I'm talking about on the day after Thanksgiving there's a special sale. Hundreds of thousands of stores participate in what they call "Black Friday". Black Friday is pretty much a sale that runs from the early morning, earliest is 3 a.m. to about mid afternoonish say around 3-4 p.m. At that time a slew of people gather at the earliest time possible to stand in line, some people go even as far as to camp out. The sales usually range from 25-75% everything in the store! So I was kind of antsy and wanting to go everywhere.

I was really looking forward to H&M and Macy's black friday sale but unfortunately for me I've been having car issues and decided to just stay local. In the city of Sheboygan there's not much choices when it comes to clothes. I had to choose between Target and Kohl's. Target last year was a mess. I waited in line and looked through everything and the only thing that truely interested me was Gossip Girl seasons 1-2 and even then it was just alright, not to mention that the checkout line lapped around the store about 3 times. So I decided to go to Kohl's. Kohl's is a well known department store that sell things from clothes to bedding. Kohl's can be comparable to Boston Store or Sears because they carry pretty much the same type of necessities. They're known for carrying new brands like Simply Vera by Vera Wang, LC by Lauren Conrad, Elle Contemporary Collection, Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne and the Candie's franchise.

Even though a lot of people would probably be against shopping at a place like this. I'm actually a pretty openminded shopper! I'll shop anywhere from thrift stores to even higher end stores (if i had that kind of money). But usually I'm a bargain shopper I look for good deals, a good look, and good quality all in one.

My favorite lines from Kohl's personally are Simply Vera by Vera Wang and LC by Lauren Conrad and sometimes Elle's contemporary collection.

Black friday was having an awesome deal on all three brands 35%-60% all clothes from those brands even from the clothes that just came out for this season.

I couldn't help myself so I ended up buying a few pieces and here they are...

Simply Vera by Vera Wang Collection

Originally this piece was $48.00 but I got it for $23.00 which was 60% off
I bought this piece because I love sequins and the sleeve was drapey give it a romantic feel!
NO LONGER AVAILABLE (maybe at a local store)

This top I'm in love with again because of the romance in it and the print is very artsy.
This top originally was $40.00 but I got it 40% off so it was $26.00 after the discount
AVAILABLE ONLINE for $27.99 +tax and shipping and handling

I had to get this top because it's wearable for day and night. I don't really have a lot of work type of clothes so this would definitely fit in if I was to work either retail or in an office.
Originally this top was $48.00 but because it was 60% off I got it for $23.00.
NO LONGER AVAILABLE ONLINE (maybe at a local store)

The sequins were dying for me to buy it and plus I love that it's a tunic! I wore it as a dress though lol depending on your height you can probably pull it off too!
This top is originally $48.00 as well but 60% off and it was $23.00 as well
NO LONGER AVAILABLE ONLINE (maybe at a local store)

LC by Lauren Conrad Collection

I saw this jacket in a magazine and since I saw it I felt like i had to get it!
It's a cotton stretch jacket with lace detailing kind of has that Victorian feel that I like.
Originally this jacket runs for $72.00 but I got it 60% off which was $35.00
NO LONGER AVAILABLE ONLINE (maybe at a local store)

These aren't necessarily the best Black Friday Deals ever! But this is what I had to work with locally so bare with me. I don't think I would do black friday at Kohl's again but I would have to say that when you have to settle when you want a good deal for clothes Kohl's isn't the worst place to go but it's definitely no H&M or Zara.

Also remember to shop www.kohls.com if you liked any of the clothes or brands in this blog

I hope you guys liked my picks for black friday!
Stay Tuned! Up Next My 3 Favorite Blazers from my very own collection!

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