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Friday, December 3, 2010

Milwaukee Boutique of the Month: Flaire Boutique

I had the honor to become a part of a competition that I heard about from school called "Style Trial".
The host and creator is Jenna Shultz who happens to own the boutique that sponsored the event.
The boutique itself is called Flaire. Before I was a part of that event I didn't even know this boutique even existed. I was shocked that living and going to school in Milwaukee no one had really even mentioned it to me. That being said it's good to know about every little hidden gem in the city.

Every boutique in Milwaukee has its niche and the thing I like about Flaire boutique is that their style to me is more laid back, casual and edgy. There you'll find pieces that are classic, simple and some bohemian like pieces. The sophistication of the boutique in itself gives a more downtown chic vibe and is aimed at a more mature clientele. The rarest thing about this boutique is that it is one of the only local boutiques that carry men's clothing as well as women's. Trust me I've traveled all over the Milwaukee area looking for boutiques downtown and out of the area and Men's boutiques are more rare then men actually looking for them.

The boutique is fairly small in size so you don't really have to worry about it being cluttered or not enough space. They carry everything pretty much from jeans to handbags, from dresses to belts, it's pretty much all there. Some popular lines Flaire carries are Winter Kate by Nicole Richie,  Lauren Merkin, William Rast, Kooba, and Fifteen-Twenty to only name a few. 

Here's a 5 pieces to die for from their online shop
*click on the name of the piece to get redirected to their website with more information about it

I absolutely love the neckline and the color white. The detailing of the criss-cross and hardwear give it a punk edgy vibe but it fit in with the winter trend of light and tough.
Retails for $540.00
definitely have to dig deep but I'm sure well worth the money

 If you're looking for a simple LBD this winter long sleeved and able to wear with a nice pair of tights and neatly accessorized you'd look glam in no time.
Originally Retails for $88.00 but reduced to $38.00 
Now that's a deal!

I honestly all season have been looking for a nice cape and this one would probably run in the ranks of the one I would buy unfortunately for me money is a little tight right now but if that wasn't the case this would be a good choice. It's nice and loose and looks like you'd stay warm and look chic all winter.
Retails for $189.00
As you all know or the ones that personally do know me. I'm a huge fan of statement necklaces. This is a great piece that you can wear on a casual day with just a t-shirt or dress up a night on the town look. It looks very elegant and easily could go with many different pieces because of its muted colors.
Retails for $75.00
Not too shabby!
Honestly when I saw this bag I was like omg I need to get it! I love studded detailing and the edgyness of the bag but also the fact that it would go perfectly with romantic drapey styles that I love! This bag looks like it can endure a lot but maybe it's just because it looks so tough.
Retails for $497.00
Start Saving!

Flaire always has a bunch of events,sales or deals going on so make sure to check out their site at 

There you can actually look through the merchandise, online shop and view their own personal blog as well. 
Stop in and shop anytime their hours are

Tues.-Thurs. 11am-7pm
Fri-Sat. 11am-5pm
Sun. 12pm-4pm

They're located in the Third Ward on 407 E Buffalo Street

If you have any questions most of their contact info is on their website so feel free to ask them.

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