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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brooches and Sushi Galore!

Well recently I've been searching online and all over for some really good brooches for decent prices. It seems that a lot of the really beautiful brooches are over $30-$40 and that's a little pricey for me for just one piece of jewelry. Well for most of the people that are reading my blog I'm sure are around my age so we have a lot of expenses to pay and college debt.  

Well this Monday I actually went to Milwaukee to hangout with a few of my friends and have sushi. Sushi is my new favorite food! I used to never like sushi but there's this place called Fujiyama's which is on Bluemound which has to die sushi! My favorite roll is the Fujiyama Roll. Sorry got a little side tracked. What? Sushi is good! lol. Anyways....

One of my girls actually had to get her hair done at Brookfield Mall so I decided to tag along. I didn't have too much money with me I think I only had about $30 to spare after lunch. With no intentions on buying anything I thought I would do a little window shopping. My usual hits at Brookfield Mall in Brookfield, WI are H&M, Express, JCPenney (You'd be surprised at how good their stuff is now) and Charlotte Russe. I used to be an Old Navy fan but Old Navy has become too casual and the material is not comfortable at all I dislike their jeans very much. I went to every store not really finding pieces that I could actually purchase under $30 worth buying. I stopped by Express and I'm not really a big fan of their clothes but they have some awesome jewelry sometimes. Most of my necklaces that I have are Express and with the buy one get one 50% off deal on jewelry it's always worth a look. I wandered around not expecting to find anything but I found out that they're having a extra 40% off clearance/red tagged prices. Which makes everything dirt cheap! I think this promotion is also online which I also checked out. Almost all the good stuff is gone but the Shoes are probably the best deals on the site. I actually went straight to the jewelry rack when I saw the $7.99 sale they had on earrings and jewelry I was super excited because I remember I got one of my favorite necklaces of all time for $9.49 here. I rummaged through everything and found the best jewelry on sale were the brooches! These aren't just your average brooches they were all statement brooches. I went to the counter picking up only two assuming it would be around $15 and it came up to only $9 for two. I was like uhhhhh hello! DEAL! The cashier had reminded me that it's an extra 40% off all red tagged items that's why it was so cheap! So I ended up picking out a few more brooches and my total was exactly $29 for 6 of them! I was shocked!  And I was very pleased! Don't forget that if one of the items are defected but is fixable you should purchase it anyways because it's an extra 10% off.

Here are the brooches

 These were practically $4.00 each so worth the money!

for their extra 40% off clearance deals
remember the shoes are a steal!
 For great sushi also go to 

Ste E, 17395 West Bluemound Road
Brookfield, WI 53045-2903
(262) 796-1977

Remember to keep your eyes open for awesome deals!

I'm Really Bad At Keeping Up My Blogs!

It's been almost exactly 2 months since my last blog because well....I've been really busy and really lazy! I usually get tired when I get home from work I'm pretty sure a lot of you can relate. I've made a ton of purchases within those two months putting my bargain shopping to use. One thing that I have learned within the 2 months of not blogging is that you shouldn't expect too much from shopping online. Some of the purchases I made from a few websites online I admit I was slightly disappointed. The hassle of shipping returns is almost equally as irritating as getting items that weren't what you had expected.

As much as I say I'll try to post more blogs it's really difficult for me to keep track of whether or not I'm going to do something usually depends on my mood. I'm not sure if I have any loyal or legit followers but if you are I feel really bad and I'm sure you've moved on to new bloggers. This being said I will try my best to do at least one blog a week if not more. It's a new year! So I want to start being a better blogger! So here's to a new year!