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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reality Fashion The Hills of the City

It's obvious to many, preteens to women in their 30s, know what The Hills and The City are.
These shows have major drama, cat fights and hookups.
The best part about it all is the fashion of course.
The resident "Characters" of the show have their own side jobs which is designing. Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad have been together since the hills but departed due to different opportunities.
But together they've both become young designers to watch.
Whitney Port has her line Whitney Eve and Lauren Conrad has a line out for Kohl's Department store.
Both represent different spectrum of style.

Whitney Eve's Fall 2010 Collection

Honestly, I'm not super thrilled with what Whitney has to offer this season for her collection.
Her collections have all been super girly and I think she was going for a 60s-70s Vibe or a more psychadelic look and I'm not really feeling it. Here's a few pieces from her collection you decide!

Whitney Eve's Natalie Dress

Whitney Eve's Mae Dress

Whitney Eve's Audrey Dress

These are just a few personal favorites of mine from her Fall 2010 Collection but if you want to check out more from her lookbook go to


Lauren Conrad Kohl's Collection

All of Lauren's collections remind me of a more casual laid back type of girl. Her Kohl's line isn't designed for glamour but more for the everyday girl. I think a lot of it is inspired by the L.A. girl.
A lot of her clothes reminds me of stuff she would wear, but I guess as a designer that's your biggest challenge designing things that other people would wear. Here's just a few pieces that I picked as some of my favorite she has available right now.

Lauren Conrad's Lace-Striped Tee $16.99

LC Lauren Conrad Embellished Romper $34.99

LC Lauren Conrad Lace Skirt $21.99

Check out more of Lauren Conrad's line at Kohl's at

keyword: Lauren Conrad

Olivia Palermo
is well known for being on "The City" but actually she's a socialite. She has an impeccable taste for fashion and her style is New York and so sleek it's sick. Being the antagonist to Whitney Port's protagonist on The City probably doesn't score her any points fan wise. Regardless she'll make up for it with her designed accessories for Roberta Freymann called Roberta Freymann by Olivia Palermo. I'll give you guys a sneak peek at my favorites from this collection as well

Roberta Freymann by Olivia Palermo
Summer 2010

Le Marais necklace $270.00

Tribeca Necklace No Longer Available

Mitte necklace green $250.00

If you want to see more of Olivia Palermo's designs or just to see more of Roberta Freymann's accessories check out:


This was a long blog but I think you get the idea. These girls aside from the drama are very talented. My personal favorite out of the 3 girls is Olivia Palermo's necklaces. Personally I'd like to see what Olivia would come up with clothing wise but only time will tell!

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