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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let Me Introduce Myself! :)

Hi everyone! I'm new to blogspot. I haven't really had the chance to blog about anything lately because I've honestly been lazy lol. I realized that I really have so much to share and say about fashion. Not utilizing an easy way to communicate to other fashionistas in the world would be unethical of me. That being said, Hi my name is Riley I'm a fashion marketing student/stylist. I'm located in Milwaukee, WI.

In my younger years to the present I've always had a desire to learn and understand the meaning of art. For me I loved to express myself through colors, through shapes, and sketching. I like to observe obscure images and people just because it gets a whole imaginative flow going on in my mind. I think you can tell a lot about a person from the way they dress. You can tell whether or not they really care about their image or they don't. People have a reason for caring and some people don't. Whether or not they want to care is up to them and there could be a possible list of factors that add up to why. That's what makes it a lot more interesting dissecting everything about a person's persona based on the way they are dressed.

Recently I participated in a contest for Flaire Boutique's Milwaukee Style Trial. Although there were a total of 7 girls competing I was honored with winning the ultimate prize! First Place. Styling is a lot of hard work! I honestly thought that it was just throwing a bunch of clothes together and taking a picture. So many factors come into play like scenery, light, the model, fit, color, accessorizing etc. I realized after the competition that it's something that I wanted to pursue. Being able to dress many different people, make them see my vision and see my creativity put to work is really gratifying. I want to push myself to take more risks working with different people and have myself grow and learn in the process.

The reason I'm creating this blog is to share my ideas and thoughts about my love for fashion and my own aesthetic. I'll also share a few of my favorite beauty and tips about being a good bargain shopper. I think every person wants to find the best deals for less! And also the best of retail stores within Wisconsin! No one really blogs about style and fashion in Wisconsin so I'll put my two cents in. So prepare yourself to be fashionistasianized because I have a lot to say and you'll have a lot to read! :)



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