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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Milwaukee Boutique of the Month: Urban Laundry

Everyone wants to have their own secret weapon for shopping right?
Well a lot of people don't give enough boutiques in Milwaukee the credit they deserve.
I think I'll share a boutique monthly and some of the items that they carry.
One of my ultimate favorite boutiques is Urban Laundry.
Urban Laundry is one of the best boutiques in Milwaukee, the reason why?
Urban Laundry has a little bit of everything for every girl.
They satisfy every fashion craving there is necklaces, rings, belts, bracelets, clothes etc.
So many styles and so many new trends to try. Your eyes will keep wandering throughout the store.The owner is super friendly and will give you the best customer service. They usually have trunk sales every couple months if you subscribe to their emailing/mailing list. 10%-25% if not more off regular priced items and then sometimes 50% clearance too.
The prices, from my experiences of shopping there, are pretty reasonable. Some of the pieces are so worth it!
Their sizes run from 2-12.

My personal all time favorite brand that they carry there is Ryu.

Ryu Gathered Metallic Jacket $81.00

Ryu Trenchcoat $84.00

Ryu Pink Multi Cascading Dress $98.00

Although some of these pieces may not be available at the store. You shouldn't have a problem shopping for this brand online. But drop in and see what they do have from Ryu because the draping and details are simply amazing! This designer just screams romance... and I LOVE ROMANCE!

Oh for a side note, after you're done shopping or just dropped by you should definitely take a look at Ristorante Bartlotta. Their deserts are beautiful!. I've never been to France before and the way their desserts were made made me feel like I was in France! Their food is also very delicious so stop by and have a little dessert to snack on.

Urban Laundry is located at:
7602 Harwood Avenue
Wauwatosa, WI 53213-2609
Call them at (866)528-7766

visit their website:

Ristorante Bartolotta is located at:
7616 West State Street
Wauwatosa, WI 53213
Call them at (414)771-7910

visit their website:


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