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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brooches and Sushi Galore!

Well recently I've been searching online and all over for some really good brooches for decent prices. It seems that a lot of the really beautiful brooches are over $30-$40 and that's a little pricey for me for just one piece of jewelry. Well for most of the people that are reading my blog I'm sure are around my age so we have a lot of expenses to pay and college debt.  

Well this Monday I actually went to Milwaukee to hangout with a few of my friends and have sushi. Sushi is my new favorite food! I used to never like sushi but there's this place called Fujiyama's which is on Bluemound which has to die sushi! My favorite roll is the Fujiyama Roll. Sorry got a little side tracked. What? Sushi is good! lol. Anyways....

One of my girls actually had to get her hair done at Brookfield Mall so I decided to tag along. I didn't have too much money with me I think I only had about $30 to spare after lunch. With no intentions on buying anything I thought I would do a little window shopping. My usual hits at Brookfield Mall in Brookfield, WI are H&M, Express, JCPenney (You'd be surprised at how good their stuff is now) and Charlotte Russe. I used to be an Old Navy fan but Old Navy has become too casual and the material is not comfortable at all I dislike their jeans very much. I went to every store not really finding pieces that I could actually purchase under $30 worth buying. I stopped by Express and I'm not really a big fan of their clothes but they have some awesome jewelry sometimes. Most of my necklaces that I have are Express and with the buy one get one 50% off deal on jewelry it's always worth a look. I wandered around not expecting to find anything but I found out that they're having a extra 40% off clearance/red tagged prices. Which makes everything dirt cheap! I think this promotion is also online which I also checked out. Almost all the good stuff is gone but the Shoes are probably the best deals on the site. I actually went straight to the jewelry rack when I saw the $7.99 sale they had on earrings and jewelry I was super excited because I remember I got one of my favorite necklaces of all time for $9.49 here. I rummaged through everything and found the best jewelry on sale were the brooches! These aren't just your average brooches they were all statement brooches. I went to the counter picking up only two assuming it would be around $15 and it came up to only $9 for two. I was like uhhhhh hello! DEAL! The cashier had reminded me that it's an extra 40% off all red tagged items that's why it was so cheap! So I ended up picking out a few more brooches and my total was exactly $29 for 6 of them! I was shocked!  And I was very pleased! Don't forget that if one of the items are defected but is fixable you should purchase it anyways because it's an extra 10% off.

Here are the brooches

 These were practically $4.00 each so worth the money!

for their extra 40% off clearance deals
remember the shoes are a steal!
 For great sushi also go to 

Ste E, 17395 West Bluemound Road
Brookfield, WI 53045-2903
(262) 796-1977

Remember to keep your eyes open for awesome deals!

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  1. Those brooches are beautiful. I love the name Riley, I haven't heard it as a girls name before but it's really, really nice.

    You have a fab blog, I will be back to read more!

    All the best,